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PCS Integration

SAMCONtrol is the world’s first purely browser-based video management system. This means there is no need to install additional software or hardware other than a standard web browser in order to operate a video network. This technology signifies the end of artificial limitations for existing video management systems – a common open standard replaces proprietary software. Expensive software updates or complex configurations are replaced by plug & play and simple drag & drop. Video signals can be displayed anywhere in the world, and on any device, whether a PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

SAMCONtrol is the world’s first purely browser-based video management system, which means that you can now configure, administer and operate as many cameras as you want using a unified platform. IP cameras as well as analog video cameras can be connected via video server. SAMCONtrol supports all current IP transmission technologies from Ethernet, DSL, GPRS to UMTS or VPN, ISDN or RDT. This means that SAMCONtrol can not only be used in new video networks but it can also be integrated easily into existing systems.

Video management systems are at the heart of every video network. Unfortunately, most video management systems are still based on obsolete technology. In order to configure cameras or receive signals, software has to be installed on every workstation, or every PC that is used as an image source. This is not only time-consuming but expensive, since each installation usually incurs a royalty.

SAMCONtrol breaks new ground: video signals and camera configurations are stored on a video server. They are then accessed using a normal web browser. That means no additional software is required to create a video network. With SAMCONtrol videos can be retrieved using any device – whether a PC already connected to the PCS, an explosion-proof laptop in the field or by a service technician accessing the network from the other side of the country using a Tablet or even a Smartphone.

Best of all, the video network can also be configured on each terminal. A field technician can quickly and easily click on a particular display – for example to deal with an urgent matter. What this means is that video signals are 100% available anywhere.

SAMCONtrol – Overview: At which part of the building do you want to take a look at?

The Technology

Instead of managing cameras by using software that has to be installed on a PC, all processes are mapped in a conventional web browser. This means visualization of digital camera images can be done using open web technologies such as Java, Flash and HTML scripts. With the help of standardized components such as, for example, a zoom bar, site plans or pre-configured views, individual visualisation pages can be clicked together like an Internet Homepage. This removes the need for costly programming, software updates or releases from camera manufacturers. Only the standard system web browser of the system is required. SAMCONtrol is therefore not only compatible with the complete range of SAMCON cameras, but with all cameras from AXIS, market leader of network and surveillance cameras.

SAMCONtrol – ControlView: Direct access of livestreams from the overview.

The Network: Intranet and Internet security

With SAMCONtrol, a standard web browser such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari can be used as the client. The web browser is connected to the video server to which the cameras are also connected. An operator is therefore able to configure cameras or merge to a single display. In this way, cameras can be assigned to points on a geographical map, site plan or flow chart. The operator can save this view and will receive a unique link (URL). This link can then be accessed via the Intranet or Internet – always password-protected. Access to the network can also be restricted via the IP range or firewall. This ensures that video footage can only be retrieved by authorised persons.

Because it is browser-based, the video management system offers unlimited multi-user access and can therefore also be used in international control centres which are responsible for multiple sites. The intuitive configuration tool allows users to quickly configure complete systems. Instead of a multiplicity of proprietary software, the complete system is only addressed via a video management system. This reduces training costs and the risk of operating errors.

Direct navigation to live streams in map view.

Views: split screen mode, site plans, flow charts or maps

The playback module is user-friendly and offers various modes for playback, navigation and display of video recordings. One can switch between different videos in the playlist or history.

All images from the connected cameras can not only be shown in real time, but also controlled (PTZ). Standard monitoring functions such as video sequencing and display in split-screen modes are also available.

Operators of the equipment are supported in their task by the fact that cameras can be located and displayed on a map or flow chart, or on a site plan. The map view (street plans or maps) offers a bird’s-eye aerial view, which is especially suitable for installations spread over a wide area. Site plans allow cameras mounted on several floors or in different locations of a site to be found and displayed quickly. Operators in the control room no longer have to memorize camera designations to find a camera again, but can navigate easily through the installation site plan. The possibility of customizing the system allows operators to set priorities and adjust the system for the most effective control.

SAMCONtrol Video Wall

Complete integration into the Process Control System

Manufacturers generally do not allow third party software to be installed in the visualization workstations of process control systems. In practice, integrating video management systems into the process control system is therefore difficult. However, a web browser can be used in all modern process control systems. This is all that is required to visualize SAMCONtrol. With SAMCONtrol, each process control system becomes the video management system.

View of Full HD videostreams in a lightbox.

Advantages of SAMCONtrol at a glance

  • Economical and a safe investment
  • Use of existing IT infrastructure, system components and wiring
  • Management of an unlimited number of cameras
  • Flexible adjustment to new requirements
  • Backward and forward compatibility of the system
  • Minimal care and maintenance, no software updates necessary
  • No licensing on a per seat basis, therefore allows an unlimited number of clients/workstations
  • Unlimited display settings
  • Control of pan-tilt-zoom cameras using software or hardware (mouse, keyboard)
  • Simultaneous recording from any number of cameras
  • Integration of/into websites, site plans and maps
  • Extensive playback functions: date search, recording sequences, time line
  • Intuitive system control and configuration, no programming skills necessary
  • No need to purchase licenses for further software/modules or manufacturer releases
  • Available anywhere in the world
  • Can be displayed on every type of device: PC, Tablet or Smartphone
  • 100% update capacity and downwardly compatible
  • No recurring license fees
  • Can be used in a closed Intranet or for Internet broadcasting