//Analog Ex Cameras (CVBS)

Analog Camera Systems
Analogue Camera Systems means cameras with analog video signal (CVBS). Analog camera systems are still widespread worldwide, although new plants are now running primarily as a digital TCP / IP network cameras. To date, purely analog systems in hazardous areas still have the following advantages over network cameras: 

– They are usually smaller because the web server board and the PoE power supply is omitted
– The cable length is over 200 meters more than twice as long than with Network Cameras 
– Analog systems provide a latency-free video signal in real time

Our analog ExCams are particularly distinguished by their compact size and their open interfaces! By choosing a flameproof enclosure as type of protection no external pressure control boards are needed. Our analog ExCams can also be varied in its cable length, which makes the integration into an existing system as easy as possible.

  • The ExCam niteZoom is the world's smallest explosion-proof zoom camera of its class. Despite its compact dimensions, it has a 10x motorised zoom lens, plus IR CUT filter, allowing it to be optimally adapted to a specific angle and lighting situation.
  • The ExCam vario is an explosion proof camera with variofocal lens and DC-Iris. The video camera deliverssuperb picture quality for process monitoring and surveillance technology. The ExCam vario is approved for dust and gas explosion risk zones in accordance with the EU directive 94/9/EC (ATEX). With its manually adjustable lens, the camera concludes a product gap to our controlable explosion proof camera systems as the ExCam miniZoom or the ExCam niteZoom.