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High Performance

  1. Most advanced Over Coaxial Solution.
    • DirectCX is a ‘HD over Coaxial’ solution. It is based on HD-TVI technology (High Definition Transport Video Interface) to leverage analog infrastructure for a seamless upgrade to 1080P surveillance solution. DirectCX is a hybrid system which supports 1080P and backward compatible with 960H including analog cameras.
    • HD Over Coaxial : Transmit HD up to 1080P video and data signal over commonly installed coaxial cable
      Long Distance : transmission capability up to 1500ft with minimum delay for HD video transmission

  2. Full HD Real-time Monitoring & Recording
    • DirectCX can transmit 1080P @ 30IPS (Images Per Second) video and advanced camera OSD menu control up to 1500ft through coaxial cable. DirectCX provides the highest quality of full-HD video surveillance over existing BNC infrastructure.

  3. Enhanced Data Security
    • DirectCX supports 3 levels of Data Security: Data encryption, SSL, Password encryption, to effectively protect video data from possible fraud, damage and modification attempts while on recording as well as on transmitting process.
    • Chained Fingerprint Technology
      Chained fingerprinting allows effective tracking of data forgery by marking fingerprints on multimedia (video/audio) data on recording. By matching fingerprints from original records, administrators can easily trace and found partially deleted/forged data.

  4. Overlapped Recording
    • When a user changes TVR system time to the past point, video data for the overlapped time period is to be recorded in different segments. This enables video data for the overlapped time to be searched in different time set and prevents any possible loss of video data or discrepancy on time-based search.

Compatibility & Convenience

  1. Direct Access to Complete Solution Suite Applicable to Any Industry
    • An IDIS solution package that integrates with analog, HD-TVI, and network products.

  2. FEN (For Every Network)
    • IDIS FEN is an advanced mDNS service which enables users to set up and configure remote connection to DirectCX TVR without knowledge of NAT routers on the network and their configurations. Register a custom name on DirectCX TVR and use it when you login from IDIS remote SW. No need to remember the IP address of the TVR unit any more.

  3. iBank
    • iBank is IDIS’s proprietary multimedia file system and database architecture. Featuring latest version of iBank file system (v3.0), DirectCX TVRs provide effective and robust data recording, searching and management allowing 1) Restore and restructure the damaged area that contains index information, 2) Improve multi-channel video recording and searching performance, 3) Effective text searching function.

  4. Easy firmware update
    • User can easily update DirectCX TVR firmware locally or remotely. Using USB memory stick which has new firmware, user can update DirectCX TVR without any PC. In addition, DirectCX TVR firmware can be updated remotely using IDIS Center on Windows PC.

Benefits of DirectCX

  1. Low Maintenance and Quality Cost with IDIS Technology
    • iBank and iSM Technology IDIS HDD failure rate: 0.6% (vs. Hitachi 3.1%, WD 5.2%) Open Frame SMPS Design lifetime: Five years @104℉(40℃), surge 4KV, SMPS failure rate 0.1~0.45% for five years.

  2. Low Tech Support Overhead by Hassle-free Network Connection
    • Over 60% call for network connection No port forwarding and firewall Configuration with FEN service.

  3. No Transition Cost for Existing IDIS Users
    • No training cost for sales people, installers, and end-users.