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CCTV-Cameras for Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries


Hardly any field has been so strongly altered by automated technology like the chemical industry. Process values that were still processed in large part manually in the 1960s led the way to equipment with process control systems and central measuring stations of today. High availability sensors and actuators almost make maintenance tours in the field unnecessary: the degree of automation in the chemical industry is high.

Camera systems in the chemical industry – eyes and ears in the field
What if a plant operator needs more information from the equipment than just a measurement? What if he had to be on site to view it? If he had to view it through a process inspection window to decide? What if security posts were necessary for work in the field? As “video sensors”, camera systems have entered the chemical industry!

Process monitoring – cameras as inspection windows of the future
What happens in the centrifuge or decanter? Often processes are viewed through inspection windows. Object illumination, visual angle and installation opportunities are, however, often difficult.

  • The ExCam series is characterised by a designed front flange and, unlike spherical cameras, can be perfectly mounted on an inspection window.
  • Difficult illuminations are in particular no problem for the explosion proof camera ExCam niteZoom: it is the most light sensitive explosion proof camera in the world, and in addition has an autofocus.
  • High process temperatures and extraneous light incidences can easily be compensated by the T03 thermal insulators. Only one part of the comprehensive SAMCON attachments and equipment.
  • Chemical plants are extensive: long ranges and the most varied transmission media can be managed with the ConnectionRail series. Of course in explosion risk zones as well.
  • Videos can be shown where they are needed with the video management system SAMCONtrol. Of course, also directly in the process control system.

Security – coordinate work from the measuring station
Does the delivery function smoothly in a storage tank? Or in the removal system? Have the conduits been properly carried out at level 0? Have the preparations for the plant shutdown been implemented?

  • The cameras in the ExCam series feature weather protection hoods, wall brackets and heaters. Thus everything important can be viewed not only in the interior but also in the exteriors.
  • The video converter ConnectionRail is equipped with surround microphones, loud speakers or a DECT base station – so that workers in the field can communicate with each other or the measuring station easily.
  • The explosion proof Dome-Camera ExCam 360° transmits not only images, but it is also equipped with a communications system. From merely viewing, there can also be hearing and speaking. Apropos viewing: here is a demo video of the system in use.