Outdoor RFID Reader

The C2SR device is a IP65 water- proof card reader, suitable for outdoor applications. It operates at 32-Bit High Speed CPU, supports 125KHz EM card or 13.56MHz mifare. The C2SR has Weigand 26/34, with operating temperature of -20 ̊C~65 ̊C andoperating humidity of 20%-80%.

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Item Description
Wiegand Wiegand Output
Identification Mode Card
Verification Speed <80ms
Card Read Range 0~5cm (125KHz >8cm, 13.56MHz >2CM)
RFID Card EM/Mifare Card
LED Indicator Support
Operating Voltage DC 12V
Operating Temperature -20 ̊°C~65 ̊°C
Size(WxHxD) 50 x 159 x 25mm
Waterproof Level IP65


  • Wiegand 26/34
  • Power Supply12V DC, <90mA
  • Operating Frequency 125KHz 13.56MHz
  • Operating Temperature: -25 °C~60 °C
  • Operating Humidity: 20%-80%
  • IP65



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