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IDIS Super 4K Total Solution IDIS

4K NVR · IDIS 4K Camera · IDIS 4K Monitor

The IDIS 4K Total Solution provides a high performance mix of 4K technology, all designed, developed,
and manufactured in-house. IDIS delivers sharper more accurate surveillance for powerful image analysis.

  • Cost Effective : Reduce cost incurred by compatibility and connection between products
  • Stable and Secure : IDIS 4K NVRs are safer and more resilient than PC OS software
  • Future Proof : IDIS 4K NVR supports up to 8K images through H.265 (up to 35M)


Four times more coverage than FHD1080p Crystal clear Mission critical surveillance IDIS 4K cameras deliver vast area coverage and crystal clear images.

Four times more coverage than FHD1080p
IDIS 4K cameras deliver vast area coverage and crystal clear images. One 3840x2160p 4K Ultra HD camera can cover the same area that would traditionally require four full-HD cameras.

Crystal clear
IDIS 4K cameras deliver vast area coverage and crystal clear images.

Mission critical surveillance
The ability to identify people, objects and detect the slightest movement that suggests suspicious behaviour, makes the IDIS 4K Total Solution perfectly suited to high security environments such as airports or stadiums.


The IDIS 4K NVR allows simultaneous functionality and operation, including live-view, record, playback, remote access, and backup of compressed audio and video

Four times the resolution of FHD1080p
The IDIS 4K NVR is fully optimized for the stable and high performance of all network devices, ensuring 4K live viewing and 4K recording simultaneously.

4K output support Instant playback
IDIS 4K NVRs support true 4K output, which is critical in order to both live monitor and record in 4K.

Zero configuration (plug & play)
DirectIP 4K NVRs pack an array of advanced network technologies, to provide true plug & play installation that eliminates the need for costly implementation and integration support.

50% less storage space withH.265
Utilizing H.265, IDIS 4K NVRs enable you to save up 50% storage space compared with H.264.

Instant playback
When you need to monitor one camera quickly, Instant play back replays recently recorded video without performing search functions. The instant playback function supports direct monitoring without any other control within IDIS Center.


The IDIS UHD surveillance monitor is specifically designed for use in a variety of surveillance applications. Featuring industry-leading ultra high definition (UHD) resolution (3840x2160p) S-IPS technology with LED backlight, DirectView™ monitors produce life-like color and exceptional detail with 178º viewing angle

24/7, 50,000 lifetime hours
Featuring advanced backlight control, IDIS 4K monitors provide an industry-leading super lifetime of 50,000 hours.

84-inch 4K UHD surveillance LCD monitor
When in a mission-critical surveillance control room environment, DirectView UHD surveillance monitors provide operators with extensive visual information and enhanced clarity.

178° true wide viewing
DirectView monitors produce crystal clear images from any viewing angle by maintaining high color fidelity, low gamma distortion, and a high contrast ratio.

Eco friendly, low power consumption
Utilizing the latest LED backlighting technology, the SM-U841 provides exceptional energy efficiency by consuming 30% less power than conventional CCFL monitors.